Friday, July 5, 2013

Supreme Court Internship Dream Come True for Student

Last week, blogger Alex Noll posted a Q & A with Archer Fellow Hannah Chapman who interned at the Supreme Court. This week guest blogger Anh Nguyen reports on the experience of Archer Fellow Monica Niewiarowski, who also landed a Supreme Court internship. Monica graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in Spring 2013 and will begin studies at the University of Virginia Law School in the fall.

By Anh Nguyen, Guest Blogger

            Monica Niewiarowski first heard about the Archer program when she was in high school and attended one of UT Dallas’ information sessions. She heard about again in the Collegium V orientation after she was accepted into the school. To Monica, the internship was not a “maybe” but a must. The fact that her friends had an incredible time in D.C. only made it more imperative for her to apply.
Monica Niewiarowski
            Monica applied in her sophomore year in the hope of going to Washington D.C. during her junior year. She spent several months filling out a general information form, writing a personal statement and policy paper, and obtaining three letters of recommendation. She probably spent longer than necessary because she wanted everything to be perfect. She also knew that by applying as a sophomore, she could reapply the next year if she was not accepted the first time.
            Fortunately for Monica, she was accepted and secured an internship at the Office of the Curator at the U.S. Supreme Court. Her job was to help maintain documents and information about the justices, lead tours, give public lectures, staff the information desk etc. She also helped oversee the large collection of court memorabilia, including birthday cards and gifts and judicial robes.
Although the internship was not paid, its benefits were much more valuable than money. Monica would definitely recommend this opportunity to other students. It was unique experience, and she made many friends who are highly motivated. For students who are willing to be pushed outside their comfort zone, and want to have something to remember form their college years, this is the right internship for them.

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