Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ways to De-Stress after Spring Break

By Saron Zekiros

My second semester of college is going well even though I just realized how stressful the next couple of weeks are going to be. So this entry is dedicated to hopefully de-stressing your busy schedules by inviting you to several exciting events that are coming up in the next few weeks.

First of all, I hope you’ll attend the Spring-A-Palooza events this week. It’s a UTD tradition, and the SUAAB is organizing it (so you'll know it will be fun). Since tradition is usually not what people associate with this school (given its age, of course) we should probably all attend when we have free time this week. Hope to see you at the events! J

Alright now to the other good stuff.....As you all know I am pursuing an International Political Economy degree, and I am the Vice Events Coordinator of IPE Student Association. We have exciting events coming up for IPESA that are informative and social and can appeal to more than just IPE students.  We have Humanitarian Day coming up Tuesday April 9 between 11:00-3:00 pm so mark your calendars! It’s an event open to all students who are wishing to learn about some global issues and how UTD students are helping and how you can help too!

We also have the Career Panel: Life After EPPS planned for Thursday, April 18 between 5:30-7:30 at the TI Auditorium in the ECS building. This is an alumni networking event brought to you by ODE, the Economics Honor Society, and IPESA. The alumni will come speak to us about their current positions in their different fields, how they got there, what advice they can give us, and best of all there is a reception afterwards (yes free food). The attire is business casual and students will have the chance to network with the alumni so save the date on your calendars!

This might interest some of you…..

For those interested in pre-law there are two free trips coming up to SMU and Baylor law schools brought to you by the Pre-Law Society so if your interested head over to FO 2.710 and sign up before the spots get filled up!

Best of luck to all those studying for exams and writing papers this week! I hope attending these events will lighten your stressful workloads. 

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