Monday, June 24, 2013

My First Meeting of the John Marshall Pre-Law Society

By Jordan Schwartz, Guest Blogger

Upon entering the small crowded meeting room, I was immediately drawn to the projector labeled “John Marshall Pre-Law Society Meeting.” The meeting itself was extremely important especially for someone like me in the pre-law program. It was just the second annual meeting, and in it, Ms. Anne Dutia (administrator of the Pre-Law Society) discussed many of the upcoming events. They included workshops for preparing for the LSAT, a Law School Admissions Dean Panel, JMPLS T-Shirt Day, as well as upcoming LSAT test days.

Dr. Anthony Champagne, director of the pre-law program, informed us about the importance of participating in these events. He stressed that it would only help our prospects of knowing which schools were good fits. He said that for students who become lawyers or enjoy law school, participation in these events was a mandatory process. He also urged students to start early when getting a teacher recommendation.

Dr. Champagne also addressed the typical law school application process and offered information about law schools participating in the Dean Panel Event. He also described JMPLS T-Shirt Day, where students wear their t-shirt to spread awareness about the organization on campus. He also discussed LSAT test dates. Dr. Champagne was adamant in saying that taking the test as many times as possible was an absolute necessity, the reason being that the more times you take it, the better chance you have of reaching a new maximum. The LSAT score is very important for admittance into law school.

I found the meeting to be extremely informative, and it was an absolutely vital part of my new knowledge regarding law school. I would recommend membership to anyone who is interested in going to law school as it looks especially good on your applications.

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