Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Spring Break, Then Spring-a-Palooza!

By Vinni Anandham

Finally Spring Break is next week! But while most students dread going back to school once it's over, our UT Dallas Comets are always excited to come back to campus because the Student Affair department has a tradition of hosting a week of fun called Spring-a-Palooza right after Spring Break 

UT Dallas’ Student Union & Activities Advisory Board or SUAAB leads the week’s events in partnership with the various other departments such as Student Media, Meteor Theater, Student Organization Forum, and many more.

The events will kick off on March 17 with the tradition of having the Epic Cones food truck on campus serving students ice cream made of tortilla dough and cheese…yes, that’s right I said cheese! I’ve personally never had any myself, but I am looking forward to trying it this year.
Then later that night they will have their annual Splatter Dance where students will get covered in paint head to toe!! Last year this was one of the best events of the week. Unfortunately I couldn’t get there till 8 p.m. when all the paint ran out…so this year I plan to be there ahead of time and so should you!

The next day the SU Mall will be transformed and will feature nearly 50 student organizations fundraising at the Spring “Fun” Raiser where SOC will be giving out t-shirts and other fun prizes for those who support our student organizations. This is the event I am looking most forward to because not only is the office I work in helping host it, but there will be live performances of UT Dallas students!!

On Wednesday, March 19,  the 27th annual Casino Night will be held in an “Oceans 11” theme. And just when you didn’t expect it to get any better, the next day SNL’s Kenan Thompson and Dallas comedian Paul Varghese are coming for the Big Bad Comedy Show!!

Unfortunately I will not be on campus Friday for the very famous Comet-CON event but you ALL have to go and take picture because they will be featuring various movie screenings, gaming, and the voice actress who plays the voice of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon, Veronica Taylor here at UT Dallas!!!

By the way, I didn’t even mention all of the events, these are just a few that I highlighted! For the entire Sprinapalooza schedule and details, check out SUAAB’s website or FB page.

And don’t worry about the fun coming to an end after Spring Break, because at UT Dallas, the fun continues even after the break is over!!   

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