Thursday, May 1, 2014

Freshman DJ Takes Radio UTD for a Spin

By Yusof Nazari

When entering college, we all look for freedom from the cliques and niche groups that we clung on to in high school. Funny enough, we usually fall back into this same pattern, joining a frat, sorority, or a club that we spend all our time on. 

For a music lover like me, I found Radio UTD,"the student-run radio station streaming live from the Student Union at the University of Texas at Dallas". Or at least that's how the disclaimer goes. 

When I was finally picked to be a DJ this semester for Track Genius, I had already dabbled with the people of Radio UTD ---music aficionados, aspiring writers, and concert rats that knew the live sets of all of my favorite artists. It was a whirlwind of fun, and not to mention I got to get creative and make themes and pick all the songs I would play on my show. 

That isn't to say it's all fun and games. The pure focus and creative input that goes into each and every show is equally exciting as it is exhausting. But for EPPS students, who love to speak publicly and broaden their experiences while learning about the world, there's not many better places on campus to do it than Radio UTD. 

Whether you participate or just listen, you'll always take something away from it. It's one of the most close-knit and knowledgeable communities on campus, and I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything else.

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