Friday, April 26, 2013

Advice to Freshmen: Get to Know Your Profs

By Alexandra Noll

One of the biggest mistakes I see my fellow freshmen making is not getting to know their professors. Most professors want to get to know their students, but they won’t seek you out. They post their office hours and expect students to come to them.

Last semester, I made an effort to go to each of my professors’ office hours and talk to them about the course. Not only did I gain a better understanding of what I was supposed to be learning, I connected with
each one.Now they know my name, and are interested in my continued progress at UT Dallas.

I took Criminology 1307 with Dr. Denise Boots, a class I highly recommend, and because I had the
courage to go and talk to her, I’ve been working with her on a research project this semester.

Most of the professors are friendly, and very willing to help you out. They want you to succeed, and will answer questions or offer suggestions. I would recommend going to each of your professors’ office hours at least once during the semester, and introducing yourself after class during the first week. Do this and you’ll be sure to succeed during your freshman year!

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