Monday, April 1, 2013

Come One, Come All to Mock Trial

By Alexandra Noll

Mock Trial at UT Dallas is a growing program, and I highly encourage anyone who is even thinking they might be interested in practicing law to come check us out.  We meet Wednesdays in Green Center 1.208B (CV Classroom) from 7 to 10 p.m.  In the fall, we had three teams, and we attended practice tournaments to gain experience and test arguments.  This year, we went to St. Louis, Colorado Springs, Houston, and Ada, Ohio. 

In the spring, we condensed to two teams, A & B, and UT Dallas actually hosted the Regional Competition.  The A Team, which I was fortunate enough to place on, took 6th place and advanced to Superregionals in Memphis Tennessee. 

I chose to participate because I am interested in practicing law, and mock trial seemed to be a great way to practice public speaking and learn legal concepts. However, I would recommend mock trial to anyone.  We have theater majors, accounting majors, business majors, EPPS majors, ATEC majors, and we welcome anyone who is interested to come and participate. Even if you're not sure if law is the path you want to take, mock trial is a useful and fun activity to determine your level of interest.

We work roughly five hours a week, split between individual team meetings and meetings with all three teams.  Currently, we're working on criminal cases, which will be the case type next year.  Please come check us out!

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